Members' Kites
Many of our members enjoy making their own kites. Others prefer to buy and collect them. Most of us do a little of both. Kiters are a very social group of people. Many get involved with running or helping with kite workshops and kiting festivals. Others get into kite history or writing articles for publication or the internet. Below are links to kiting bios of some of our club members.
Carlos Simoes - Past Wind Climber president & kite maker

Kerry St. Dennis & Lucy Jonkman - Husband & wife kite flying team

Mark Groshens - Past TKF & Wind Climber president, kite builder & power kiter 

Geoffrey Maher - Kite builder award winner and educator

Don Brownridge - Past TKF president and kite builder

Gary Mark - The guy with the BIG kites

Ed Hummel - Past Wind Climber President & Kite Builder   

David Tuttle - Kite builder extraordinaire

Bob White - Our Canadian historical archive on kites  

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