David Tuttle - Kite builder extraordinaire!

David Tuttle lives in Vestal, New York and works as the senior photographer at Binghamton University. He is one of the main driving forces behind his local New York Kite Enthusiats kite club.  Flying and making his own kites started while David was still in University.  In 1985 David bought his first serious kite at Kitty Hawk kites. He now has well over 200 kites of all types shapes and sizes. Kiting Aerial photography(KAP) became an interest in 2003. David went to  a photography conference in California with a new Dopero kite to lift his KAP rig with camera gear locked in place. His passion for passing on the kiting bug has gotten David involved with running several children's workshops each year. Several hundred kits need to prepared in advance for the larger workshops. In the last few years David has also gotten involved with teaching adults north and south of the US border. Everyone that attends learns how to sew and build their own kites. More recently David's interest in kite building has turned to applique sewing. It's very similar to quilting and it brings his artistic artwork to the kite sail for all to enjoy. At the most recent AKA convention in In Nags Head, North Carolina David took home four medals for his kite building skills!

                               Some of the kites David has built


 Pilot with applique

 Two Balloon Midi Pointers

 Focus Fled Kite

 G'Okeefe Rokkaku


 Tetra 2 Cellular kite

 SXK-RBe Cellular kite

 Rainbow Cross Delta

 Ying Yang Urban Ninja


 Genki Kite

 King Tut Ohashi UL Kite

 RBY Butterfly

 Rubik's Cube Rokkaku Kite

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