Don Brownridge
With kite making roots going back into the mid 80's, Don's collection of kites range from large to small , single line to multi-line. Each hand crafted, applique, some patchwork, many original artwork design kites and line display pieces.  He might be seen kite launching teddy bears that float down under multi-coloured parachutes or taking aerial photos with a custom built camera rig. He has participated at international kite events all over North America and in parts of Asia.

Don is the current President of TKF, the Toronto Kite Fliers and has helped organize and emcee numerous annual kite festivals including Toronto Kitefest,the Four Winds Festival at Kortright Centre and the Receiving the World Celebration, St John's Newfoundland.

An eager kiting participant, Don takes part all year round in many kite events from traction kiting out on a frozen lake, organizing club workshops, to travelling to kite festivals near and abroad.

Don loves kiting for the simple reason, "you can always find some aspect of the hobby to peak your interest.. if you get bored, you just reach in your kite bag an pull out a different kite or take a break from flying and design something new to build"... If you have any questions please send Don an email.
Some of Don's kites







Wolf Pack

Patchwork Trio


 Soccer Genki


 Basket Ball Rokkaku


 Shady Spike

 Gibian method quad lines

Snow Geese


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