Ed Hummel - Past Wind Climber Kite Club president


Ed Hummel is well known in Ontario as the founder and first president of the Wind Climbers Kite Club. The kite club formed in 1994 right after a fun informal meeting in his living room.  Ed wore many hats the first few years. He organized several kiting events including Canada Day, Pioneer Village and an Octoberfest fly.  Hummel also did a great job of attracting many new members to the club. In the beginning the club newsletters were all written by Ed himself. He was instrumental in bringing fun kite workshops back to Ontario. He brought in experienced kite makers from all over Ontario to showcase and share kite building ideas. The workshops included a couple of different stunt kites, a Rokkau, a quad line kite and even some banners for ground colour. Ed's most important role with the club was teaching so many of the members the passion of building their own kites. Hummel also extended this same passion to the children's workshops he was involved with. When Ed is not riding his bike he still enjoys building and flying his own kites. 

Many of Ed's kite creations

Goofy Face -  I always get into a lot of trouble with my thirteen and a half foot tall Goofy face. I just have learned to live with it.
Thirty Five foot tall Rotating Ring - It's immense size makes it very Impressive on the kite field! Goofy Sode -  A traditional Japanese kite shape. with non traditional graphics.
  Native Face  - The top shape is a barn door kite with an original twist. The lower section lips and tongue help stabilize the kite Bug Buddies -  The graphics are based on hibernating lady bugs. Maybe they should not be in the air then?Shockwave - A quad Line Kite that is a ton of fun to fly!
Thirteen foot tall  Bols - The size of the two rotating windsocks always get a lot of attention.
Apple of My Eye - Six foot tall Rokkaku.  This kite was built at our club workshops in 1996. A favorite of mine!     Ed helped many of the Ontario create their own Spikes. Creating templates from web plans required a mathematical mind ;-) There are now seven or eight Spikes all built around the same time.