Kerry St Dennis & Lucy Jonkman
Kerry and Lucy are a kite flying fun loving couple from Guelph Ontario. They have a lot of experience with building and creating all kinds of really cool kites. Most recently they have created the Canadian Heroes kite to honour all Canadian fallen soldiers. They have flown the kite at events all over Ontario. During the events the long flowing sail has been signed by many Canadian veterans.  They also have a fantastic group of other foils, and many fun inflatables! They have been a huge help in organizing kite workshops & events in Ontario for many years. Read their stories below.

Kerry St Dennis
My name is Kerry St Dennis and I flew my first stunt kite in 1995 with a buddy. I was hooked! I went out right away and bought a couple of dual lined stunt kites for myself. I constantly practiced flying with my wife. I entered my first dual line competition in 1996 at the Kortright Four Winds Kite Festival in Klienberg, Ontario where I came in 3rd place. There were only three contestants entered in my stunt kite category.  Hey, I was just a novice back then. I joined a local kite club called the Wind Climbers Kite Club.  Of course then I just had to buy a few more kites. I flew mostly dual lined stunt
kites and some department store single line kites. We traveled to a few festivals and learned how to fly our kites.  
The next big step was attending a big kiting event in Grand Haven, MI in 2000. I was over whelmed with the variety of kites there. I purchased my first Revolution kite there. Wow quad line kites were great!  I really got hooked on them. That was all I flew for the next couple of years.
Sewing some kites was my next goal.  In 2002 my first kite project was a four stack of quad lined kites. When I flew those kites the sensation simply set me at peace. That stack of kites wowed the crowds at many festivals I attended. As I progressed with flying these, I decided to build myself an eight -stack of quad-lines in 2004.  I still fly my stacks at festivals all the time. 
In 2002 my friend Bill and I decided to form a home based kite club called the Guelph Royal City Fun Flyers. While traveling festivals in southern Ontario I met Gary Mark from Oakville. Gary was into flying large single line kites & huge inflatables. I began helping him set up and launch his kites ay many festivals. This was a whole new ball game of kite flying! I was now hooked on large sized single line kites too! I began to sew some of my own large inflatable kites. We aquired our first 1100sq ft foil and an 80 ft long Peter Lynn Octopus in 2007.

In 2005 the RCFF started to host kite building workshops. The workshops attracted participants from kite clubs in Southern Ontario and the USA too. We have been holding annual workshops since then.

There is a never ending wow factor when it comes to flying and watching a variety of kites. A passion I will have for many years to come.
- Kerry St. Dennis

Lucy Jonkman
My name is Lucy Jonkman and I began flying kites in 1995 with my husband. at first it was just to keep him company. At that time I purchased a cheap dual line kite.  I did not get into flying as much as Kerry until we joined the Wind Climbers in 1996.  I mostly flew single lined kites with my two daughters, then 10 and 14yrs old. We went around to a few festivals and I mostly watched other kiters fly. Our daughters got older and stopped traveling with us to festivals. It was then that I began to fly some of the dual and quad lined kites.   When we traveled to the Grand Haven, MI kite festival in 2000. I was over whelmed with all the variety of kites there.
We had another child at the end of 2000, which consumed a lot of my flying time for the next two years. When our daughter was only 18 months old she picked up a dual line stunt kite and began flying it. This became a crowd pleaser kite festivals. She got into the single line kites soon after. Now she is 14 yrs of age still enjoys going to kite festivals. I took this as an opportunity to get into flying again.   
As we got more involved with flying single line kites I began sewing all kinds of line laundry and flow forms.  We also started collecting many single lines. In the past few years Kerry and I acquired several larger sized kites and inflatables.  
We mostly travel around southern Ontario but have also been to Saskatchewan and Quebec. Of course we have also been to a few festivals on the US side in New York and Michigan. We also love to fly at the local parks around our home.  
In our spare time we are always thinking up and sewing new creations. Our newest friend is Bernhard Dingwerth of Germany. Over the last year we have enjoyed sharing ideas back and forth via email. With his help We have made the Toucan, Parrot and Seal. 
When someone tells us to “Go fly a Kite” we do!
- Lucy Jonkman