Mark Groshens
Wind Climber & TKF Past President
Mark is a graphic artist that lives in Cambridge, Ontario. He has been building his own kites for many years. The graphic images that Mark creates on ripstop are simply amazing. Mark's unique Paint Brush Rokkaku and matching paint can wind sock are a huge crowd pleaser! Mark is the past president of both the Toronto Kite Fliers(TKF) and the Wind Climbers Kite Club. Over the years he has been involved in organizing and presenting many kite workshops across Ontario. From simple sled kites for children's workshops to more complicated kite projects for adults. Mark has also organized many kiting events over the years. You can add past editor of TKF Kitelog newsletter to his list of credits. Several articles written by Mark have appeared in magazines and kite club newsletters. Articles about Mark, his kiting interests and his kite plans have also appeared in several magazines and newspapers. Mark has been involved with power and traction kiting for over 20 years and that has expanded to cover all seasons with surf, skis and buggy. Mark is also the owner of Wind Speed Kites. He specializes in the sale of traction gear & kites. He primarily sells Ocean Rodeo and Peter Lynn products  Say "Hi" to Mark next time you see him on the field. Mark loves to talk about kites just as much as he loves to fly them! Email Mark if you have any questions.
Below are some of Marks kites



Mark also loves all forms of traction activities


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