Silver Dart Replica

The Silver Dart was the first airplane to be flown in Canada. It flew over a frozen lake in Baddeck, Nova Scotia on Feb 23 of 1909. See the Alexander G. Bell page for more background on that first flight took place on a frozen bay in Baddeck, Nova Scotia. To mark this milestone in Canadian Aviation many groups of dedicated people have built replicas of the Silver Dart. The focus here will be on Silver Dart replica that the AEA 2005 built and flew in Baddeck Nova Scotia on Feb 22, 2009.
I will also include some of the Centenial celebration events.   
Aerial Experiment Association(AEA) 2005. A replica recreated that very same flight on Feb 22 of 2009. Over the last year I got a chance to meet the builders and follow the story of the Silver Dart replica. I was very fortunate to witness Some of the events myself over the last year. Two of the biggest highlights were getting to be in the chase vehicle that followed the Silver Dart during testing at the Hamilton Airport. 
In Novemeber of 2008 I got a chance to see the replica of the Silver Dart during final construction.  
- Nov 08, Russel Hangar
- Feb 09 Hamilton Airport
- Feb 09 Baddeck
- News coverage
What a great thrill to see the Silver Dart fly in Baddeck in Feb of this  year!   The CBC news coverage! Listeneing to Peter Mansbridge Interview the Pilots and the builders was just icing on the cake. Several TV specials have been aired
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It was a pleasure to follow the construction and
first flight of the 2009 Silver Dart Replica.