Wind Climbers Kite Club Info Page

The Wind Climbers Kite Club is based in The Kitchener-Waterloo Region, Ontario, Canada. We are a non profit club. Our main objectives are to meet new people, build and fly kites and of course have fun!
The club presently has over 40 members. Check out the Festival Calendar to see where we will be flying next. We actually fly all year round. This includes winter traction flying on ice at Puslinch Lake in Cambridge. Spring & summer flying includes places like University of Waterloo and Dumfries Park in Cambridge.  If you are interested in joining the club the contact us for further info. Hope to see you out there soon!




Interested in joining the club? Click on the application.


Wind Climbers Kite Club


Wind Climbers Kite Club
1106 - 10 Highland Crescent
Kitchener ON
N2M 5C2
  • Current Club Contacts: Lucy Jonkman and Kerry St Dennis
  • Treasurer: Alison Smith
  • Web Site: Carlos Simoes
  • Past Presidents: Ed Hummel,  Mark Groshens and Carlos Simoes

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